10 Fun Tips to Help Make Your Children Financially Confident

By the time kids reach the age of 4 or 5, they are ready to learn the basics about money. As they get older they can take on more responsibility for handling money themselves. Here are some tips that can help you raise children that are confident about money.

  1. 1. Hit a Garage Sale

    Garage sales are usually full of toys younger children love. Older kids will learn that their allowance only goes so far. If your family likes to sleep in on Saturdays, take the kids to the local thrift shop instead.

  2. 2. Visit the Bank

    Watching people at a bank helps children understand what cash actually is. Even preschoolers can hand a check to the teller.

  3. 3. Show Your Child a Credit Card Bill

    A credit card isn’t magic money. Help your children understand this by talking about it while letting them watch as you pay the bill online.

  4. 4. Make a Wish List

    It’s hard for children to set priorities, so sit down with them and create a wish list of things they want to get with their money sometime in the future.

  5. 5. Volunteer and Donate as a Family

    Giving is as important as saving. Find a charity that interests your children and then have them donate supplies or money to the cause.

  6. 6. Encourage Your Children to Make a Little Money

    A lemonade stand or a garage sale is a great way to help kids to learn about earning and feel good about themselves.

  7. 7. Do an Activity Book

    Books made especially for children can help make learning fun.  

    Download TD’s Activity book here.
  8. Play a Game

    8. Play a Game

    Learning about money doesn’t have to be a chore. Make it fun! Visit your local toy store to find some money-themed board games. Or use digital tools like TD MySpend to turn your weekly spending routine into a practical challenge the whole family can get involved in. It will help turn a lesson on healthy saving and spending habits into something tangible and engaging.

  9. 9. Set a Good Example

    One of the best things you can do is let your child see that you save money too. For younger children, put money in a clear jar while your child is watching. Older children can help save money too. And make sure you have a goal you’re saving for.  It will help children understand that saving is about patience and reward. 

  10. 10. Go to the Store

    Comparison shopping can help teach older children about value.  Take two of the same items and show them the cost per unit.  Then talking to them which is a better deal based on the cost alone.

Raising a child to be financially confident is one of the great gifts you can give them. Starting early, and doing it consistently over time, is the easiest way to give that gift. 

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