7 Common Pitfalls of First Time Buyers

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    1. Not Getting a Pre-Approved Mortgage

    It’s a real estate no-no. Do yourself a favour and get it before you go house hunting.

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    2. Taking on More Than You Can Handle

    Big house, big payments, big headaches if you don’t think about it ahead of time.

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    3. Not Considering the Added Costs

    Property taxes, and home insurance are part of the package.

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    4. Not Working with A-Team Professionals

    Lawyers, financial advisor, real estate agents are your team. Try to draft the best.

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    5. Don't Forget About Your Closing Costs

    Legal fees and disbursements, land transfer taxes and moving expenses.

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    6. Getting a Fixer-Upper That You Don’t Have Time or Money to Fix-Up

    You want to love your home, not stew about all that needs to be done.

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    7. Skipping a Home Inspection

    You may think it’s your dream house; an inspection will help confirm it. Or not.

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